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Undefeated, Untied and Uninvited: A Documentary of the 1951 University of San Francisco Dons Football Team

Dr Kristine Setting Clark

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  • Publisher: Createspace
  • Date: 2014 August
  • Language: eng
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  • Cover: Book
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  • ISBN: 1500626066
  • ISBN13: 9781500626068


In 1951 the University of San Francisco football team (the Dons) went undefeated and untied. Yet, despite being among the best college football teams of all time, the squad was not invited to play in a post season bowl game because two of its players were African-American. The team was offered the chance to compete without the players, but they unanimously refused on principle. "The story of the 1951 University of San Francisco football team is a remarkable tale. I heard Pete Rozelle talk about it many times. It is a story that transcends football into the realm of the human spirit. I know it made a lasting impression on Pete, and the team clearly had a major impact on the NFL." -Paul Tagliabue - NFL Commissioner

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